"If you don't absolutely love your work out with VL Fitness, I will give you 150% of your Money Back... No questions asked" ♥ Vicky Loney

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Customised Personal Training and Nutrition Solutions
We specialise in offering custom-made personal training and nutrition solutions. What makes us different is our unique, holistic approach to health and wellness. With VL Fitness Essentials your personal trainer will work collaboratively with a nutritionist so that you receive a customised personal training and nutrition program that is specifically tailored to your individual goals.

The Experts in Personal Training and Nutrition VL Fitness Essentials was founded by Vicky Loney, a personal trainer from Warwick, Perth Western Australia. The business is fuelled by her passion for health, fitness, and helping others. Vicky is a qualified and experienced personal trainer who knows all too well the struggles faced when trying to achieve a good balance between training and your social life - and how to maintain that balance in a holistic way. Working with hundreds of women over many years has provided Vicky with a deep understanding of what tools women really need to get the body they are going to love. Let’s work together to help you take charge of your life!

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