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This is my story

How a cold London winter Inspired me to become a personal trainer for women. Seven years ago, I traveled from Perth to London for a long vacation featuring lots of partying. I had plenty of fun, of course, but all that merry-making also packed on some unwanted weight. Because it was the dead of winter, I couldn’t get outside to exercise. So, for the first time, I went to a gym.

It changed my life forever. I had the good fortune to land in the hands of an outstanding trainer who opened my eyes to everything from super-efficient exercises to superior nutrition. Soon I was amazed at how much better I felt physically… but especially how much sexier my body looked. Who knew?

One good effect leads to another. I came to realize just how much a positive body image can directly create all kinds of other positive outcomes in life. I quickly gained much greater self-confidence. I was much more outgoing. And I found myself just enjoying life to the fullest–from my social life to my work life. It became clear that simply looking great can make a tremendous impact on your perceived value as a woman. I had a realization that the way I looked impacted the way I felt about myself in all areas – so looking good on the outside made me feel good on the inside as well! That’s when I decided to become a personal trainer myself–so I could share what I’ve learned with other women who want to look and feel toned, healthy and sexy.

Once I founded VL Fitness, women found me. Almost right away, strong word-of-mouth brought client after client to my door. I had quickly built a reputation as a passionate personal trainer for women. Women like how I work one-on-one with them to custom-tailor a fitness training program based around their individual needs. I also bring in an expert nutritionist to provide that vital side of health, fitness and wellness.

I believe no one should have to suffer from low self-esteem. You don’t have to be obese to have body-image issues. In my own case, I had a poor sense of self-worth without fully realizing it because I just thought that’s the way things are. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Today, I’m passionate about guiding other women away from negativity and toward becoming sexy, empowered and strong. I know it can be done. I know you can do it, too!    My Certifications:

  • Rehab essentials (PT rehab)
  • Rehab FX (PT rehab using functional training equipment)
  • Thump boxing level 1 and 2
  • TRX suspension training
  • Kettle bells level 1 and 2
  • Certificate IV in massage therapy practice
  • Certificate III and IIV in fitness

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