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3 tips to improve fitness training 

Do you find you’re lacking in energy and feeling, at times, flat as a pancake?

“Hey guys, Vicky here from VL Fitness Essentials. I’m going to share with you my top three secret industry tips on how to improve your fitness so you can restore your energy levels and get that spring back in your step!”

Number one: Moving more daily

This one is a no brainer. However, if you’re at a point where you would like to improve your fitness levels and you’re doing little to no physical activity currently, you’ll want to start by looking at any parts of your day where you could move just a little more.

A great tip for those that are in office jobs, is to incorporate a few squats into your day. Every few hours do 15 reps of body weight squats, this is also great for improving your brain function.

Forming little habits like this may seem small, but they make up a big part of improving your overall fitness.

Number two: Find exercise that you love to do

Too many people are in exercise habits and routines that they do not love. If your goal is to improve your overall fitness, then your choices are endless. Team sports, hiking, yoga, running there are so many options. Find one or two that you love and sticking with it won’t be as much of a challenge!

 Number three: Train progressively

Nothing happens inside your comfort zone. No matter what style of training you have chosen, you’ll need to make sure it’s progressively structured and challenging as you move through it. This not only ensures that your fitness levels keep going up and up, but it will also make sure you stay engaged and motivated by seeing your results improve.

“I hope you found those tips helpful. I’ve used them to help literally hundreds of clients over the years and I believe they will be of great benefit to you also!” -Vicky♥

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