3 Ways To Get Motivated To Exercise During The Winter

With winter in full swing now, you may be feeling your motivation to exercise fall into a slump. You just aren’t as excited to get those sessions in as you are during the warm summer months and given the fact you are wearing more layers now, you might just not feel the need.

It’s time to get past this. First, realize that now is the time to kickstart your fitness program because it’s what you do now that will matter most come summer. Most people start their new workout plan too late into the spring that they aren’t beach-ready for summer. Begin now however and you’ll be looking better than ever when summer does roll around.

If you need a little boost to your motivation, there are a few tips and techniques you can use. Here’s what to consider.

Set Short-Term Performance Goals

Rather than focusing on losing weight or changing the way your body looks, why not take a performance based approach during the summer. Instead, think about what you want to achieve with what your body can do.

Do you want to run a mile in less than 10 minutes? Bench press half your body weight? Be able to do 10 full squats at the weight you’re currently lifting?

Come up with a few gym related goals and try and reach those before winter is over. Sometimes this change of pace in what you are working toward is just the thing you need.

Find A Buddy

Finding a good workout buddy is one of the best ways to jumpstart sluggish motivation, so don’t overlook this as well. Get a friend or family member to start joining you at the gym and when one of you feels like skipping, the other can be there to keep you in line.

Take Progress Pictures

If you are someone who wants to keep working on chipping away to your dream body, progress pictures are a must. While it’s one thing to look at the number on the scale, it’s quite another to watch your body changing right before your eyes.

Commit to taking a progress picture once every two weeks. This is about how long it will take to see noticeable results. Place these pictures side by side and then marvel at how well you are doing.

Pin Up Your Dream Body

Finally, if you’re someone who’s motivated by visuals, consider pinning up your ‘dream’ body somewhere that you’ll see it regularly. During the winter months, this can work very well to inspire you for what’s to come during the summer.

Try pinning it to your fridge (which will stop you from going in for snacks when you shouldn’t!) or to your bathroom mirror as then you’ll see it each and every morning when you wake up.

Just be sure this image is something that you can realistically achieve in the few months ahead.

So there you have a few tips and tricks to use to help stay motivated this winter. Remember, it’s not time to give up on your fitness journey – but rather, time to push extra hard so that when summer does arrive, you can relax and enjoy it all while living in a body you’re proud to show off.

When you sign up to work with us at VL Fitness, we’ll analyze the goals you have set and come up with the perfect program for you so that by the time the spring and summer months hit, you are loving your dream body rather than scrambling to achieve it.


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