embrace your shape

Embrace your shape this April

Before we get any further, let’s not make the mistake of confusing shape and size. You can lose or gain weight, increase or decrease fitness, but your body has a certain predetermined shape. You and your bestie might both reach your goal weight and incredibly fit, but chances are that your bodies will be different shapes. And that’s no reason why you can’t embrace your shape.

Your heights will be different. As will your builds. And your proportions. But hey, that’s a good thing!

When it comes to size, we’re all about helping you get to a sexy, healthy size. When it comes to shape, however, we’re all about acceptance.

There is power in learning how to embrace your shape

People invest far too much physical and emotional energy in trying to alter their shape. You have a certain build and look courtesy of your genetics. Learn to accept it. Then take is one step further and embrace your shape!

Over time the media has indoctrinated society with the idea that a super skinny shape is the epitome of sexiness. Countless studies have shown this to be inaccurate – all kinds of body shapes are seen as sexy.

Striving for an unrealistic and unhealthy goal will not bring any kind of happiness or fulfilment into your life.

On the contrary, many women are left feeling disappointed, unattractive, with poor self-esteem, depressed moods, and a lack of energy. There is nothing rewarding or attractive about that.

Generally, if you are fit and toned, you will be perceived as sexy. So instead of worrying about your silhouette, focus on getting to gym. Working on your strength and fitness will give you that lean, toned look that is the real sexy.

And don’t forget that confidence is a key factor in perceived sexiness – so embrace your shape and be confident about your body. It will only add to your allure!

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