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Get rock hard abs this ROCKtober

There are countless workouts and programs that promise to help you get rock hard abs. The only problem, and it’s a big one, is that they don’t deliver. Why? It all comes down to something called spot reduction.

Spot reduction: the alluring myth

Many workouts that promise you’ll get rock hard abs are based on the false notion of spot reduction. The idea, and I’m sure you’re familiar with it, is that you can reduce fat in a particular area (spot) on your body. Typically, you are given a range of exercises that target a specific region of the body, and told that completing these exercises will reduce your body fat in that area. Unfortunately, it won’t work. The idea that you can do lots of abdominal exercises to lose your belly fat and get rock hard abs lives on in the world of marketing, but not in the world of fitness. Sure, you will strengthen those muscles if you target them with specific exercises, but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose the subcutaneous fat that your body has inconveniently stored there.

So how do you get rock hard abs?

Firstly, you need to eat a healthy, balanced diet. That means cutting out sugar, including all foods and drinks that have lots of added sugar. Ensure that you are eating the correct proportions. Chances are, you are eating insufficient fibre and lean protein and too many carbohydrates. It’s particularly important to cut down on refined carbs.

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Despite what I’ve said about spot reduction, exercise is incredibly effective method to get rock hard abs. It’s just not about doing endless sets of crunches. Scientific research has shown that following the correct exercise program will not only help you lose belly flab and achieve a toned tummy, but it will help you maintain that sculpted physique.

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