high intensity interval training

High Intensity Interval Training for Fat Loss

Many people are talking about the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT). It’s taken the fitness world by storm and is proving to provide many benefits for those who try it out.

High Intensity Interval Training explained

The name pretty much says it all. Your training is divided into fixed intervals. You work out intensely in each alternate interval, with less intense activity or rest in between. To use running as an example: you might sprint for a minute, then jog for a minute, repeating this several times. Simple, yet effective.

Burn more calories in less time

High intensity interval training enables you to burn more calories in less time. This means that if you have a busy schedule you can still fit in an effective workout in a shorter length of time. If you want to accelerate your progress towards your goals, then HIIT will get you there faster.

Burn more fat while you rest

The beauty of HIIT is that the intensity of the training increases your body’s natural repair cycle. This means that you will burn more calories after high intensity interval training that other types of workouts.

Improved aerobic performance

If you’ve ever tried out high intensity interval training then you will know just how much your heart beats. And how much you sweat. And what it feels like to be gasping for breath. HIIT is – as the name says – intense, but you get extreme results.

Lose weight from your fat stores

Many workout regimes mean that people lose weight – including muscle mass with that fat. With high intensity interval training, you retain your muscles and lose most of your weight from those unwanted fat stores.

Boost your metabolism like never before

Human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for burning calories, amongst other things. The production of HGH in your body is increased up to 450% for the 24 hour period following high intensity interval training.

For fat loss like nothing you’ve seen before, it’s time to investigate HIIT with the expert team at VL Fitness Essentials. It’s the ideal way to that beautifully toned and sculpted body.

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