high reps low weights won't get you there

High reps low weights does NOT work

There is nothing NOTHING  more frustrating that putting in the hours at gym, only to be disappointed by a lack of results. So many women strive for a svelte bikini body. And yet they subscribe to the myth that doing high reps low weights is the answer. This is a complete misconception.

You vs the weights

Okay, so maybe those tiny little weights look cute. But the deal is that you want to look cute. Only one thing can be slim and cute: the weights, or you. You decide.

Do you want to look toned rather than bulky?

We have said this before, and we’ll say it again. Doing weights (and by this we mean proper weights, not little pink accessories) will NOT make women look bulky. There is a misconception that high reps low weights will burn more fat and leave you toned, whereas fewer reps with heavier weights will leave you looking bulky and muscular. WRONG.

Remember, those pro bodybuilders are on all sorts of supplements. You don’t get to look that bulky and muscular by lifting heavier weights alone.

High reps low weights is a myth – here’s why…

If you want to look fit and toned, then you need to lift heavier weights. You need to adhere to the principle of progressive overload. You’ll find that you’ll have a far more intense workout – and the intensity of your workout counts. Especially if you want that sexy bikini body.

When you say you want to look slim and toned, what you are really saying is that you want to improve your body composition. Using heavier weights for fewer reps is the most effective way to do that. (As an added bonus, it’s also takes less time.)

High reps low weights is NOT the answer if you want to increase your strength, burn fat, and look fabulous.

Most importantly, make sure you focus on the intensity of your workouts – that’s where the secret lies!


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