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Holiday workouts tweaked for those indulgences

Holiday indulgences seem to be the annual theme for December. Don’t worry: we’re not going to tell you to avoid all festivities. After a year of hard work you deserve a few holiday indulgences. As long as you couple them with holiday workouts, you can eat and drink what’s yummy without developing a tummy. So yes, you will have to DO DO DO this DOcember to compensate for those additional calories. Here’s what to do…

Make sure you’re still walking through those gym doors on a regular basis. Setting up appointments with a personal trainer means you’re more likely to pitch up. And less likely to overindulge the night before!

Don’t let the stream of parties and barbeques get in the way of your holiday workouts. We’re not saying that you should decline all your invitations. There are 24 hours in a day – you can make a plan to fit in your holiday workouts, no matter the extent of your social calendar.

In some cases you could even combine your holiday workouts with your social calendar. If you’re at a club or a function where there’s dancing – hit the dance floor! It’s not a substitute for a hard session at the gym, but it’s a good addition. Remember, you need to DO more!

There are lots of barbeques with family and friends at this time of year. Why not play an fun informal game at the same time? There are loads of team sports from which to choose that could cater for everyone.

Spending some time at the beach? You can easily soak up the sun whilst burning come calories. Swimming in the ocean or running along the beach are great holiday workouts to complement your gym sessions.

In the spirit of DOcember, you need to DO more. So these suggestions are additions to your gym workouts – not substitutes! Speak to me to find out how to tweak your gym program so that your holiday workouts burn all those holiday treats before they’re stored as fat!

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