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Small group training gets better results

Not all group training is created equal. Almost all gyms offer your standard group exercise classes. If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you’ll know our thoughts about that. (Spoiler alert: it’s not going to get you results.) However, our previous post was all about our need to incorporate a social element into workouts. That’s why we offer personalised small group training.

Personalised small group training gets results up to four times as fast as regular group training

Here’s why…

In a larger group training session, it can be easy to hide in the back. The instructor can’t keep track of everyone’s performance and effort. You certainly won’t be getting individual attention and instruction. Ironically, you can remain anonymous quite easily in the context of regular group training. And that won’t meet your fitness needs. It also won’t meet your fundamental needs as a social being.

Human beings are social creatures. Two of our top ten needs include being emotionally connected to others, and feeling part of a wider community. Those needs will not be met in a large class. They will, however, be met in the context of personalised small group training.

Working with a personal trainer and a couple of other women will ensure that you are involved. You are constantly interacting with other people. And not just any people, but people who share similar fitness goals as you. It’s a source of encouragement, support, and motivation. In this way, your personal trainer will not only ensure that you make progress towards your fitness goals with personalised workouts. She will also ensure that you are integrated into the small group to ensure that your social and emotional needs are met too.

There are many reasons why personalised small group training is the way to go. This is just one perspective that highlights the benefits of this approach to exercise and fitness.

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