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Training plateau solutions that work

Our previous blog post looked at how your body can adapt to exercise. This essentially results in what we call a training plateau.

What is a training plateau? It simply means that, in terms of your training, you are not experiencing the progress that you once were.

No longer experiencing the progress that you deserve can be very demotivating.

This phenomenon can be apparent in several forms:

  • your weight loss has slowed down
  • you’re not gaining as much muscle as you were
  • your strength is not improving as quickly as it was
  • your overall athletic performance feels stuck at the same point

So why do so many people hit a training plateau? Basically it’s because your body has adapted to your gym routine. (For more details, check out our previous post.)

How to overcome that dreaded training plateau

As you might have realised by now, the most effective way to combat this is to introduce variety into your exercise regime. This not only directly addresses the problem, but is a great strategy to prevent further plateaus.

However, altering a training program effectively is not simply a case of swapping bench presses for push ups. Attending classes at the gym or following the same circuit is not going to help much either.

What you really need a strategic approach to training to prevent a training plateau

You need a strategic approach that is also holistic, taking both exercise and nutrition into account. It is NOT about suddenly doing the opposite of what you have been doing. It’s about investing in a program designed by an expert – a program that is constantly changing things up.

At VL Fitness Essentials, our perfect solution is Personalised Small Group Training (PSGT). We’ve spoken about PSGT in the past few blog posts. Essentially, you train with a few other people who share similar fitness goals. Importantly, you are working with an expert personal trainer who devised a customised¬†and progressive program.

You can expect constant progress towards your goals. There are no plateaus in sight; the only way is up!


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