Don't be a couch potato

Couch potato was so last season

Today, the first day of September, is generally regarded as the first day of spring. So if you were guilty of being a couch potato during winter, now is the time to ditch the habit. Just as importantly, if a friend of yours was a couch potato, try to put a spring in their step (see what we did there?).

Friends don’t let friends just sit on the couch

Peer pressure is often seen in a purely negative light. The image it generally conjures up is a group of friends deliberately – and blatantly – trying to convince someone to do something against their will. And that ‘something’ is usually unhealthy at best; illegal, dangerous, and potentially fatal at worst. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Peer pressure can be a very powerful tool for creating positive change.

Studies have shown that when people go to gym and/or eat healthily to get a sexier body, they influence their friends to do the same. That influence is not necessarily deliberate. Simply providing a behavioural cue for your friends to model is often sufficient – even if you’re not aware that you’re doing so.

Help your friends by helping yourself – don’t be the couch potato

It is often said that you cannot help others if you are unable to help yourself. When it comes to working out, losing weight, and getting toned, you can give your friends the motivation they need to get off that couch. Why not set the tone and start a trend for leading a healthier lifestyle? When your friends see that your efforts are rewarded by your new svelte, sexy figure, they’ll be far more inclined to join you at the gym.

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