find time for exercise

Find time for exercise? How???

“I just can’t find time for exercise!”

Does that excuse sound familiar? All too often I hear people complaining that they simply can’t find time to exercise or organise a healthy meal plan. However, there are also lots of people who have busy schedules and yet still find time for exercise and healthy eating. As with so many things, it comes down to your mindset and attitude.

Here are some suggestions that are easy to implement to help you find time for exercise and all that comes with leading a healthy lifestyle…

Reset your sleeping patterns. A great habit is to wake up earlier and do your workout first thing in the morning. That way, the events of the day can’t deter you from getting to gym. Just make sure that you don’t miss out on sleep – you need to get to bed earlier if you want to wake up earlier.

Plan to work out during your lunch break. Are you guilty of eating your lunch at your desk? You’re not giving your body and mind a proper break. Hitting the gym during your lunch hour will make you more productive that day – and who doesn’t love that?!

Speak to your personal trainer about multitasking. You can multitask by working several groups of muscles at once rather than one after the other. Take advantage of your personal trainer’s wealth of knowledge. Ask her to develop a workout routine for you where you can make the most of shorter workouts on unavoidably chaotic days.

Combine training and your social life. Find a gym buddy, such as a friend or partner, with whom you can train. This means that you can schedule to meet at gym and have a catch up while you train. It’s a much healthier option than meeting them for a calorie-laden meal or happy hour.

Plan your meals. It’s really important that you plan meals in advance before you shop. Set aside time every week when you can cook extra portions and freeze them for later in the week when you have less time to spend in the kitchen.

Do you have any suggestions about finding time for exercise and healthy eating in a busy lifestyle?

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