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Fitness mindset to achieve your goals

This month at VL Fitness Essentials we are looking at what you need to focus on to make real progress towards your goals, starting off with the fitness mindset. Essentially, we are going to be examining three things – encapsulated by the month of May.

MAY = Mindset. Ambition. Yearn.

Your fitness mindset is the integral building block or foundation of your fitness story. The word ‘mindset’ is thrown around a lot. But this kind of jargon only transforms into something meaningful if you give it proper thought and apply it consistently. Let’s get beyond lip service, and make a concerted effort to adopt the mindset of success.

A fitness mindset is not about wearing trendy gym gear with catchy slogans.

Without realizing it, you might have thought processes that prevent you improving your fitness. No matter how many times you walk through the gym doors, if you mindset isn’t right, then you won’t achieve your full potential.

When it comes to the best fitness mindset, you need to develop a growth mindset. This means making a commitment, and sustaining that commitment. It’s about realizing the significance of small regular measures of progress and improvement. And it’s not just about external measures either – mindset also relates to what’s going on internally.

So what’s going on in your head right now?

What do you believe about yourself? Deep down – do you believe you are weak, or strong? That you are capable of success, or doomed to failure? That you can’t change anything, or that you can forge new pathways?

Whether you are interested in neuroscience or not, remember this one important breakthrough… Your brain IS capable of change. You CAN change your thoughts. You CAN change your behaviour and habits. Possibly most importantly, you CAN learn to be genuinely optimistic.

If you want to change your mindset and achieve your goals, contact Vicky to start your journey and set yourself up for fitness success.

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