get that body

Get that body and keep it all year round

2017 is the year to get that body!

It goes without saying that January is the start of many things. We’re challenging you to kickstart your health and fitness this month. Let Kickstart January set the tone for 2017 and enable you to get that body you’ve always wanted.

If you’ve read the VL Fitness Essentials newsletter this month, you’ll know that we are all for focusing on the process rather than the end result. At first, that probably seems counter-intuitive. Especially because so many of our clients do in fact reach their goals and get that body. We’re not saying you shouldn’t set goals. We’re just saying you shouldn’t focus on them.

Let’s use an example… Let’s say you want to lose 5kg and look toned. That’s a great goal, and one that’s certainly achievable. But focusing on this goal (as opposed to the process) has certain problems:

  • You are limiting yourself to 5kg and your idea of being toned. There’s every reason why you can get that body and then improve on it!
  • There is built in unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Until you lose those 5kgs and get toned, you will be focusing on how you are not there yet. You’ll be feeling as though you aren’t good enough.
  • Once you’ve achieved that goal, there a possibility that you will slide back to where you were.

But yes, you really do want to lose that weight and get that body.

The way to approach it is to focus on the process and put the relevant systems in place…

  • Sign up with a personal trainer and focus on enjoying each workout.
  • Savour the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after each workout.
  • Construct your schedule in such a way that it accommodates gym sessions as a regular part of your routine in a sustainable way.

See the difference? Adopting this mindset will not limit you. In fact, it will keep you open to more opportunities and and enable you to achieve more than you initially set out to do.

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