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New Year’s resolutions: doomed to fail?

We’ve all been there… You feel so positive about the New Year and what you can achieve. You set your New Year’s resolutions, determined to succeed this year. Then, by February, you’ve forgotten what your New Year’s resolutions even were!

You’re definitely not alone. It’s estimated at only 5% of people actually achieve what they set out to at the beginning of a year. That’s really quite a depressing thought. So what goes wrong?

Why are we seemingly unable to achieve our New Year’s resolutions?

Let’s take a look at what these New Year’s resolutions typically are. There are no real surprises here. The most common goal is to lose weight. And that’s not surprising really when you consider the feasting and drinking that happens over the festive season. It tends to be a period of overindulgence for many people. (If you want tips and ideas on how to avoid the holiday bulge, read my previous post!)

In addition to losing weight, wanting to exercise more and eat more healthily also feature in the top 10 most common New Year’s resolutions. Now, these are all fantastic goals! And we tend to make these resolutions in order to motivate ourselves. So why do we fail?

For one thing, these goals are all about changing habits, and bad habits at that. If you are not completely ready to make these changes then you are doomed to fail. It all comes down to motivation and mindset. Make sure that you are determined to do what it takes, and have the support you need to get there.

Another problem is that people set unrealistic goals. Not sure how much weight you should realistically aim to lose? Speak to a professional personal trainer to give you achievable guidelines. If you set your expectations too high you are only going to feel disappointed and demotivated.

Want to know how to to set and achieve your New Year’s resolutions? Read my next blog post!

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