overcoming roadblocks to success

Overcoming roadblocks to success

If you have set goals and never quite managed to achieve them, you are not alone. At some time or another, we have all stumbled (and even fallen flat on our faces) when we had hoped to be elegantly sprinting towards those goals.

Sometimes, the obstacles are beyond our control. But often – and more frequently that we care to admit – it comes down to our mindset.

Things to aim for when overcoming roadblocks to success

So you’ve set those goals. You’ve chatted to your nutritionist, personal trainer, and any other relevant people to determine realistic goals that you should aim for. Now what? Sure, we can guide you along the way and provide you with unlimited support and encouragement. But ultimately you need to do the work. When it comes to overcoming roadblocks to success, you need to adopt the right mindset.


  • Define your goal. You need to have a well-defined goal in mind.
  • Feel the enthusiasm. Your goal needs to be in line with your life purpose, your passion, and your driving force. Only when your goal is meaningful to you will you find the enthusiasm and passion to see it through.
  • Be ambitious. Although your goals need to be realistic, this is no time to accept mediocrity. Aim for excellence, even if it’s one step at a time.
  • Make the decision. You need to be decisive and consciously make the decision to start working towards your goal – immediately. It might sound trivial, but this is actually critical in overcoming roadblocks to success.
  • Seek a supportive environment. These days it’s all too easy to get sucked into the surrounding negativity. You don’t need that in your life. Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you and make a conscious effort to minimise any doom and gloom.
  • Get healthy. No matter the nature of your goals, you need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. This even applies to your goals that aren’t fitness related. It’s time to call on a supportive team to help you look after you health.
  • The ‘right time’ is nowIf you goal is worthwhile – and it should be – then there’s no excuse for any kind of procrastination. Don’t wait around for the ‘right time’ to take action. A goal is worthless if you aren’t actively working towards it. Take the first step today!
  • Persevere. Nobody gets it right all the time. Understand that you might face times when it’s tough to keep going. This is when it’s time to call on your support network to keep you on track and keep you going. Persistence is key when it comes to overcoming roadblocks to success.


Have you had success in overcoming roadblocks to success? What has helped you to achieve your goals?

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