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The secret to sexiness lies in friendships?

It is important for your health to go to gym. We all know that. It’s also important for your health that you follow a healthy nutrition plan. We all know that too. But did you know that social ties – in other words, friendships – also have a significant impact on your health? This just might be the secret to sexiness.

Having friends is the secret to sexiness?

Yep. Research shows that it’s not just about intense workouts and balanced meals. You also need to throw friendship into the mix. It has a positive effect on your health – and helps you have sexy abs. Several studies show that your social life and friendships are important for your health right from adolescence, through to old age.

So is it the number of friends you have? Or the quality of those friendships? Well, it’s both, really. Adolescents, people in their 20s, and the elderly benefit most from having more friends. (That’s friends in real life with whom you interact – not Followers on social media.) People in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, tend to benefit more from the quality of their friendships, rather than the quality.

Social isolation and social strain have both been linked to increased health risks

A good active social life increases your chances of leading a longer and healthier life. But why is this? Researchers think that the answer lies in the relationship between friendships and stress. Friendships are known to act as a buffer when it comes to the effects of stress. Friends can also help you cope with any detrimental stress or strain you might experience in your life. In this way, having friends helps to minimise the potential physiological and psychological effects of stress.

Decreasing the effects of stress, will decrease health risks that could potentially have developed into serious illnesses. This is also an important secret to sexiness. It makes sense, then, to grow your network of friends and to make an effort to foster your friendships. A great way to do this is to exercise with your mates. Contact us today to find our more about the myriad benefits of personalised small group training.

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