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Workout ambition – the secret to success

If you are following our blog and Facebook page then you’ll know that this month MAY stands for mindset, ambition, yearning. Our previous blog post looked at mindset as the foundation for achieving your fitness goals. Just as important is the idea of workout ambition – being determined to achieve regular small improvements from workout to workout.

In every workout ambition is your driving force for progress

Ambition is the drive that will lead you to success. Working on your fitness and getting a strong, toned, sexy body is all about daily ambition. It’s that consistent determination and commitment that will reward you with results.

Importantly, ambition needs to be a conscious part of your mindset. You need to actively think about what you want to achieve. Throughout each workout, you need to be focused on making steady progress.

But what do you do when your ambition and motivation starts to flag?

There is no reason to go it alone. But there are lots of reasons why working out with others is a great idea.

We understand completely when we see people losing motivation and momentum. It happens to the best of us at one time or another. That’s one of the reasons why our PSGT (personalised small group training) works so incredibly well.

You get all the incredible benefits of working with a specialist expert trainer who is an expert in her niche. That personalised attention, support, and training will make all the difference in the world. The beauty of PSGT is that you also benefit from the camaraderie, encouragement, and support that comes from training with others. In addition, you will only be working out with three or four others, the ideal ratio for this innovative training. Far from the anonymous ‘one size fits all’ approach of traditional group training, PSGT is carefully structured so that each group consists of people who share similar goals.

There is no better way to maintain enthusiastic workout ambition every minute that you are in the gym. Our results are all the proof you’ll need!


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