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Diet fads’ consequences will leave you wanting

No matter how much is written about them, diet fads abound. Magazines, websites, television commercials – they’re all flooded with misinformation that earns the weight loss industry millions every year.

Diet fads slow down your base metabolic rate and promote malnutrition, resulting in you gaining weight

So although you might be looking to one of countless diet fads to help you shed some excess weigh, the truth is that in the end you will probably end up gaining. Then, because you’ve gained weight, you will look to another fad. And so the cycle continues, with you gaining weight and the weight loss industry gaining dollars.

One major consequence of diet fads is a negative effect on your metabolism. Most of these diets are highly structured, prescribing which foods you can eat, how much, and when.

Typically, this disrupts your natural metabolic rate. For the worse. Ignoring your body’s signals regarding when you’re hungry and when you’re satisfied can have a long term effect on your metabolism. And no one wants to slow down their base metabolic rate for any period of time.

It is true that following a very rigid diet plan will, in all likelihood, result in you losing a lot of weight in a short space of time. Unfortunately, this is only true in the sense that you have lost ‘water weight’. As soon as you stop the fad (which is inevitable because they are not designed to be sustainable), you will regain what you lost… with a little bit extra. And you certainly don’t want that either!

Do yourself a favour and ignore all the diet fads that require you to eliminate a food group. Science has shown us again and again why we need carbs and why certain dietary fat is essential for our health.

With diet fads the only thing you’ll lose is hair and muscle

Diet fads that are too low in protein might result in hair loss. And I’m sure that’s not the look you were going for! Paring down your calories will result in muscle loss. Not only will this be detrimental to how you look, but it will also slow down the rate at which your body burns calories.

So how do you lose weight, if not with diet fads? Contact me to find out more about the best way to lose weight and look fabulous!

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