Get Over The Post-Chocolate Binge Blues

Easter has come and gone and with it, you may have indulged in a little more (or a lot more!) chocolate than you intended. Now you may wish you could turn back time and forgo that last Cadbury Crème egg, but what’s done is done.

Now it’s time to focus on the future. Getting past the post-chocolate binge is what will determine how lean you stay into the future.

Here are a few quick tips that will get you back on the bandwagon in no time.

Quit Beating Yourself Up!

First things first, don’t get too hard on yourself! Remember, any healthy diet should be about some moderation. Can you eat chocolate every day? Definitely not. But, a piece here and there on special occasions like Easter is definitely permissible.

Think of it as getting those cravings out of your system. Now that they are satisfied, you can focus on sticking to the plan moving ahead.

Focus On Healthy Eats That Combat Cravings

Speaking of cravings, now that you have that chocolate taste in your mouth, you may have the urge to eat more. Fight that urge by choosing healthier foods.

First, load up on some fresh fruits like berries, cherries, and frozen grapes if you really want a treat. They’ll help combat that sweet tooth while providing just a fraction of the calories and fat.

If chocolate is what you need, consider a chocolate protein shake, or combine some unsweetened cocoa powder, Greek yogurt, and stevia and place it in a silicone ice cube tray. Free them and pop one anything you need a treat. It’s the healthy way to enjoy chocolate – guilt-free!

Increase Your Protein

Another quick trick to help you get back on track is to increase your protein intake slightly. Adding more protein to your diet plan will help you not only jumpstart your metabolic rate, but it’ll also help ensure that you are not experiencing blood glucose fluctuations that can lead to more cravings for sugar.

Chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, and lean steak are all wonderful sources.

Get Active

Finally, be sure that you get some activity in. While immediately post-Easter binge getting exercise may not be what you’re looking to do, the next day, get back with your program.

Even if it’s just a walk around your block, getting the blood flowing throughout your body can energize you, reduce your hunger level, keep blood glucose stable as well, and more importantly, it’ll help you get your mindset back focused on fitness.

When you spend time in the gym (or exercising outdoors), you’ll help enforce that commitment you made to leading a healthy lifestyle. This can help you then get your priorities straight as far as your eating goes.

So keep these quick tips in mind. No matter how much you indulged this Easter, you can move forward and get back on track to obtaining your healthiest body ever.

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