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Holiday diet tips to keep you looking sexy

With Christmas just a few days away and New Year’s Eve not long thereafter, it’s about time we share some holiday diet tips. It’s only natural that you want to partake in the festivities at this time of year. Nobody wants to be crunching on carrot sticks as they enviously watch their friends and family devour delicious holiday treats. If you’re happy to do that – well, hey, good for you! But most of us are tempted. And we give in. So here are some holiday diet tips to help keep your waistline in check even though you might indulge…

When you’re at a party with snacks (as opposed to a sit down meal), opt for the smaller plate. Seriously. Select a few of the healthier options from the array and then move away from the snack table. Standing and chatting near the snacks will only lead to grazing. Although it’s fine to have a little treat here and there, you want to keep it to a minimum and avoid mindless munching.

If you know that you’re going to a function where you’re more likely to eat more calories, try to eat only low GI foods beforehand. Low GI foods will keep you feeling full for longer. This way you should hopefully keep a check on your overall caloric intake. We do not advocate starving yourself to compensate for a bigger meal. This will simply wreak havoc with your basal metabolism.

Be selective about which treats you’re going to indulge in. Instead of being a glutton when it comes to all things fatty and sugary, rather choose one or two treats that really appeal to you. A small portion, just enough to give you a few mouthfuls, should be sufficient to satisfy your tastebuds without piling on the pounds.

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