Isagenix is Not the Answer

What’s all the fuss about?

There always seems to be some new diet craze that takes the world by storm. One of the latest comes in the form of Isagenix. This is marketed as a quick-fix diet. Already, your alarm bells should be ringing. This approach utilises meal replacement shakes, fasting, and tablets. It’s a detox program that focuses on restricting your calorie intact. If it sounds a little suspect, that’s because it is.

Like many other diet fads, it has not been without its controversy. It doesn’t take much research to discover articles and reviews that challenge the purported science behind Isagenix.

Does it get the results you want?

If you follow this diet you will probably lose weight. Because you’re basically starving yourself and suffering from malnutrition. So, will you lose weight? Yes. Is it healthy? No. Will you keep the weight off? Probably not. So why do people buy into it? Because it’s a fad. And don’t forget that it’s a pyramid scheme. They’re using the diet industry to exploit people’s desire to lose weight, so that everyone at Isagenix can make money. Lots of it.

The problems with Isagenix

  • This program doesn’t change your behaviour so you’re likely to revert to your original lifestyle after the program.
  • It isn’t tailored to individuals’ bodies.
  • Extreme calorie restrictions can slow down your metabolism.
  • There is no scientific evidence to support the detox process.
  • Some ingredients are questionable.
  • This is a very pricey program.
  • Those who sell the products are not trained in nutrition.
  • A cycle of cleansing then going back to your original eating habits can cause medical problems such as kidney stones.
  • Any weight loss that’s achieved is difficult to maintain and generally not sustainable.

The really simply weight loss answer that women need…

Nutrition does not have to be complicated. Or difficult. Or make you feel like you’re denying yourself. At the end of the day, the real answer is following a healthy balanced diet. Getting advice from a nutritional expert will set you on the healthy path to sustainable weight loss. And don’t forget about exercise. Consulting a professional personal trainer is the best way to get results and all the motivation you need.

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