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Winter Weight: Why You Balloon in June

It’s June, which means that the threat of gaining winter weight is looming. The days are getting colder and shorter. And as the hours of sunlight decrease, so does your motivation to get out and train. When your alarm clock beeps, your hand emerges from the warmth of the duvet, feels the sting of a winter morning, hits the snooze button and, without even really realizing it, you’ve lost out on your workout. Again.

It doesn’t happen to everyone, but there is certainly a trend of gaining winter weight among many people. Which is really unfortunate when you consider that summer bodies are made in the winter. For real.

There are several reasons the colder months bring about that dreaded winter weight:

The most obvious reason is that the weather is colder. (Thank you, Captain Obvious!)

You tend to sleep more in winter.

It’s possible that you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Salads just don’t cut it; you’re craving warm hearty comfort food.

It’s not just what you eat: it’s also how much. Portion sizes definitely increase in the winter.

Coffee is no longer just coffee. Cream, flavoured syrups, shots of hot chocolate, and all sorts of yummy additions have transformed your morning coffee.

If you still haven’t lost your Christmas holiday weight, then you’re already off to a bad start. And it’s not going to get any easier.

Have you ever noticed how you tend to feel more sleepy and groggy in winter? That takes us back to point two above.

Your appetite increases in colder weather, but not to the extent that it warrants the increased portions and second helpings.

If you’re all bundled up in jackets, scarves, and hats then when you start putting on weight you’re less likely to notice the early signs.

No more barbeques means more meals in restaurants and take out meals. And we all know what that spells.

Hearty winter meals tend to contain higher levels of salt, which can make you feel heavy, bloated, and uncomfortable.

Want to prevent winter weight?

My next blog post will give you all the details about keeping in shape throughout winter, as preparation for your summer bikini body! Make sure you also follow my Facebook page for more information.


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