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5 Reasons Using a Personal Trainer Will Improve Your Results

Have you attempted time and time again to get to your health and fitness goals but still eventually find yourself back at square one?

Hey guys Vicky here from VL Fitness Essentials. I’m going to share with you my top five secret industry reasons why you should work with a personal trainer.

Reason 1 – We are experts in fitness.

Would you service your own car? Cut you own hair? Perhaps even attempt to do your own pluming or fit an air conditioning system for your home. Unless any of the professions I just stated where your career I’m sure your thinking no. Getting into shape is no different you really need an expert and a specialist that can take you through the most effective training method to get you to your desired goals. Joining the gym is about 10% of the over all picture of getting in shape. Personal trainers fill the other essential 90% that stands between the body that you have now and the body that you want.

Reason 2 – Accountability

Unless your part of the extremely small population (about 1%) of people that are completely self motivated you’re going to struggle to keep completely accountable to your fitness goals. One of the methods we use at VL Fitness Essentials to keep clients accountable is to regularly test and measure their results. By doing this we ensure are clients are on track and motivated by the results they are achieving and sustaining. On the flip side of this if we can see a client needs a bit more support and perhaps isn’t quite on track we quickly nip this in the bud and find the solution to whatever is challenging them.

Reason 3 – We help over come roadblocks on your journey

Have you ever found that you’ve attempted to get into shape many times only to find your self back at square one? What I’ve found is most people have a pattern and a history of repeated behaviors in attempts to get into shape. Maybe you’re the type to go really hard in the first two weeks then give up or perhaps you just jump from one weight loss fad to the next. Whatever the case may be one the key ways a good personal trainer helps you is by uncovering these potential roadblocks for you when you first start working together. Then armed with the information about you as an individual we come up with some strategies to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Even just knowing and being honest about your patterns is hugely powerful in your overall success.

Reason 4 – Burning high amount of body fat in shorts amounts of time

One of the number one roadblocks in getting into fitness routine is lack of time. One of the benefits of using a personal trainer is with our extensive knowledge of training and nutrition we are able to put together programs that burn high amount of body fat in shorts amounts of time. An example of this at VL Fitness is our private boot camps. We understood that regular boot camps could go for over a hr. not many people have this much time to train. So we developed a formula and unique program that’s able to burn the same amount of fat in 30 minutes.
If your time poor but still want to look amazing personal training is for you.

Reason 5 – maintaining your results making it harder to put the weight back on

Would you say you’re a bit of a yo yo dieter? As soon as you get the weight loss results you put it straight back on? One of the benefits of good personal training is our programs are designed for long-term sustainable fitness solutions. We have the ability to ensure you once you get the results you don’t lose them how do we do this? From everything I have discussed so far.
• Knowing how to customize your training
• Keeping you accountable though out the whole process
• Working on an ongoing basis with your mindset
• Turing your body into a fat burring machine

I really enjoyed uncovering why personal training is the best and most effective way to get you to your fitness goals. I’m so passionate about this topic as I love watching others hit their goals and get the body they absolutely love.

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