Personalised Small Group Training

"If you don't absolutely love your work out with VL Fitness, I will give you 150% of your Money Back...No questions asked" ♥ Vicky Loney

5 benefits of Personalised Small Group Training

Accelerated results in a shorter time frame

  • Want your results four times as fast? PSGT offers results up to four times as fast as regular boot camps.

Be in an group of like minded people

  • Work with a max of four women of the same goal category giving you the deluxe personal training experience that boot camps just cant offer.

Work with a specialist that will get you results 

  • We are specialists in helping women lose that last 5- 15kg of unwanted body fat. If you want to work with someone that’s got literally hundreds of women in your same situation results then are exclusive PSGT sessions are for you.

Unique training that makes it hard to lose your results. 

  • As experts in this field we have developed unique programming that makes it near impossible to put body fat back on. Regular boot camp simply can’t offer these kinds of guarantees.

Strong group of like-minded women for ultimate support. 

  • Having such an exclusive group of four means your team will grow stronger together giving you support not just from me as your coach but also from your tribe each week.

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Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, or just those pesky last 5kgs and your goal is to shape and tone, Personalised Small group training will make this journey simple, effective and fun.

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