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3 tips for strength training

Are you confused with all the misguided information on how to increase your strength and would like some foolproof advice to help you achieve your strength goals?

“Hey guys Vicky here from VL Fitness Essentials. I’m going to share with you my top three secret industry tips on how improve your strength so you walk out of the gym feeling like a beast!”

Number one: Mind muscle connection

This is one of the most underrated tools when doing strength training. So many people in the gym are just pulling and pushing machines with no real understating of what muscle group they are targeting. As we know your brain is responsible for contracting your muscles. You need to have a good understanding of how to contract your muscles, where the muscles are in your body and how to flex your muscles when you’re not lifting weights.

Using MMC is vital when you want to increase your strength.

Numbers two: Leave your ego at the door and train progressively

Lifting weights that are too heavy for you will NOT increase your strength, what it will do is make you more susceptible to injuries and you’ll have a harder time contracting the target muscles (MMC) which in turn decreases the number of muscle fibers recruited hence; no strength gains.

Additionally you’ll need to progressively increase the amount of weight you are pushing each week to see results.

So keep your form tight, right and track all of your weights and make small measurable increases each and every week to your lifts. This will ensure your strength is on point.

Number three: Mix it up

Your muscles love change. You’ll need to change your strength program every three to four weeks and, when you do, think about hitting your target muscles groups from a different angle. For example: if you’ve been doing flat bench press for a while change, to a decline- you’ll hit more of your lower peculiar fibers.

Mixing it up is a key element when increasing your strength. It’s also great to prevent boredom.

“I hope you found those tips helpful. I’ve used them to help literally hundreds of clients over the years and I believe they will be of great benefit to you also!” -Vicky♥

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